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byCrashbandicol, April 7, 2014
JMod TweetDisplay
Installation and initial setup is very easy. There is a little additional work required to acquire a Twitter app, but this is well explained and documented.
I had a slight issue due to a conflict with an existing module. I contacted the developer and received a quick response which solved the problem.
I would highly recommend this module and would also like to endorse the excellent support from Jmodules.
byCrashbandicol, March 28, 2012
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Great potential, ticks all the boxes apart from one KEY element:
All users have access to add and edit each others images & directories.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your time to create a review. You say "All users have access to add and edit each others images & directories.". For RSGallery2 3.x this depends on the permissions you give your users. You can indeed set it up so that each user can edit all images and galleries, but you can also set it up that only specific usergroups can edit all images and galleries or that users can edit only their own images and galleries. Permission to edit is implemented in the same way as in Joomla itself (compare it to Edit and Edit Own permissions for editing an article).

If you need help with this, please post on the forum found at! If you feel that you've set permissions correctly and that there is a bug, please report it on the forum with details, that way all users can benefit from feedback and bugs can be fixed.