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byCubPilot, February 17, 2009
I just installed this on my website in which I wanted to limit registration to our members area only to my club's members. So far this seems to do just that without causing other problems.

It would be even better if a "Module Class Suffix" option could be set in the Passphrase module to integrate it into the template better.

Thanks for this great module/plugin.
Owner's reply

Hi, Thanks for the suggestion! Module Class Suffix has now been added in V1.54.

byCubPilot, October 5, 2008
This is a cool looking app............. but, if you aren't up to speed with css, html, etc. It is not very intuitive to configure. It seems that most have little trouble getting it to work, but these guys must be "real" webmasters and old hands with the programing languages involved. If you are new at this stuff, good luck. I have had a very frustrating time with it, but that's my problem I guess.
Owner's reply

Sorry to hear you had so much trouble. If you go to the forums and tell me what problems you are having I'd be more than happy to help. - Ken

byCubPilot, May 6, 2008
I was looking for something that would allow a start date and end date for publishing a module.

The organization that I belong to have two different meetings every month and some events during the warmer months. The template that I am using has three module positions at the bottom of the front page that was an ideal spot for this information.

MetaMod allows me to set up these dates for a whole year and then automatically publishes them at the appropriate time with the correct meeting/event dates throughout the year in the selected module positions. This has been a lifesaver for me, keeping track of when to change the module dates manually would have been quite a chore as each of the three monthly dates are at different times of the month.

The author was very helpful!! I emailed him for help with the code to do what I wanted (I can't be accused of being a programmer!). He responded almost immediately with the required code. Works great, after I did some tweaking of the dates in the code.

Steve, sorry for the "wait" to post here. I needed to see if it worked........... and it does! Thanks a lot for taking the time to help me out.