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byCubmaster, July 13, 2009
Akeeba Backup
Calling my self a novice in Joomla! is an over statement. After accidentally uninstalling my site last month through my hosts scripting program, I needed to find a backup that would also recover my Joomla! database. I started using JoomlaPack and prayed for the best.

Well, it happened again. I uninstalled another script and when it finished, both it and Joomla! were GONE! Time to test JoomlaPack.

Before I go on, I should note that I probably didn’t follow all of the directions and this process is probably done more easily that I made it to be.

The documentation isn’t laid out very well (my opinion). Once I figured out how to extract the archive and uploaded the recovered files, all I had to do was browse to the site again to get started. NICE!

The last hang up was the Joomla! database. Since JoomlaPack doesn’t create a database automatically, or it didn’t for me and my initial install of Joomla! had auto-generated the DB password, I had a disconnect with the MySQL server. I forum post showed how to change the settings in the configuration.php (very obvious once you see it and and very useful for the future) and I was DONE! My site is alive and well with NO problems!

I had 45 days invested in building this site and JoomlaPack idiot proofed it for me.

Next year I have to move this site to another server and now I can see that I will be able to do so very easily.


I will be making a contribution to this extension.