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byCwby, January 6, 2014
Initially, the statements provided by RSJoomla on their websites were very promising.

Let me preface that everything below is with respect to the software and it's limitations - NOT the support. Their support in answering questions in a timely manner [whether I *liked* the answer or not] is top notch! On with the review...

(From the RSJoomla website) :: "RSEvents!Pro was built to be as easy and intuitive as possible, yet having all the features that you may need when managing events on your Joomla! 1.5 or 2.5 website. The endless features and integrations list is the confirmation that you needed in order to decide in favor of our extension."

I was very excited to really dig into this software, as well as paying for their additional RSFormsPro module to really make it sing for event registration and management.

I'm by far from a PRO, as many have written - and it doesn't take a PRO to use the software. It is easy enough; but that is where it ends. This is FAR from a complete 'Event Management' software package where an 'EVENT' is anything more than a free/paid event such as a birthday party, simplistic event/concert or gathering.

In my support request after exhausting every option in the software I could fiddle with, I asked how to do the following scenario:

-Secretary wants to register 4 coworkers (individuals) for a 3-day event ["conference"].
-The conference has a 1 time fee per individual of $395.00
-There are 6 optional seminars for an additional charge per individual, per seminar.
-All 4 individuals want to attend the same 2 [of the 6] optional seminars, whereas its $200 for one of the seminars per individual, and $400 for the other seminar per individual)

Using the above, Support *did* provide a 'work-around' example. But, that example quadruples the amount of Real information needed, quadruples the amount of time needed for the registrant [the secretary] to register the participants, and doesn't allowed for a "single checkout" solution. Every single registration must be completed and paid for separately; Ie. four different transactions. This doesn't take into account other deficits in ticketing limitations, layouts of venues and an, in my opinion, public 'too much information' simplistic and un-customizable display method with regard to how available tickets are shown. And, there is a limitation to one ticket-type per purchase. If you have a "Preferred" type and "VIP" type, for example, you can select multiples (as defined being available within the ticketing routine) of one ticket type or the other type, but not 1 or more of both types of tickets. Lastly, even following the video directions, , when followed - did not match up in real life to the results in the video.

Summation: The product *is* a decent/fair product, but is far from "having all the features that you may need when managing events...". Basically - if you want a single event with a few ticket prices, it will fit the bill perfectly.
Owner's reply


I have to agree with you on some points:
1) Support. Thank you for commenting on the support received - we aim to improve that even further and we always go the extra mile to help our customers.
2) The extension's purpose. RSEvents! Pro is an event management extension. What you were looking for is far beyond the needs of the average RSEvents! Pro user (perhaps an extension aimed at event registrations solely?). Yes, our extension doesn't provide a way for a group to be registered (e.g. input the number of individuals, add each details, select optional seminars, calculate different prices, essentially transforming it into a shopping cart), but we never advertised that it did. We aim to keep RSEvents! Pro as easy and hustle free as possible. Although it's not by far "simplistic": you can set registration start / end dates, a date until subscription cancellations are allowed, different payment methods, overbooking, maximum attendance, discounts, ticket charts (i.e. a visual representation where a user can select a specific seat), different ticket pricing/number of seats per ticket/number of bookable seats per user and so on.

I also have to tell other people reading this that you can purchase different ticket types in RSEvents! Pro. You may have left the option disabled in the Configuration. Below is an excerpt from our docs:
Multiple tickets: if enabled, multiple ticket types can be purchased.

Thank you for your review.