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byCyberHippie, April 12, 2012
This is an amazing product that can do everything thats needed. I am not a coder, but more a graphics person, so making Jomres do what I need it to do is frustrating, but there is the forum and support you get when you pay to get some extensions.

The extensions: You need them and they will make your work 100% easier. Just about everything you need is covered by becoming a paid member that the cost then becomes negligible.

Some understand of PHP is required and if you are a master at PHP, then Jomres will dance for you.

The Jomres core itself will get you started and is quite powerful as it is, so be prepared for a bit of a learning curve. Thats how I started and I soon become aware of how good this system is, that I just needed more!

Keep up the good work Vince, its an amazing product that I am more than happy to recommend!

Cheers mate....
Owner's reply

Cheers matey!

byCyberHippie, September 28, 2009
Kunena is a basic forum in all respect.
Integration with CB is somewhat a hit and miss approach. I did get it integrated, but only to a point and I had to forego some of the plugins that seem to work on the Kunena forum, but not on mine. (no point asking them for help)

Kunena also lets you use templates to change the look of your forum but as stated in their forums, to avoid issues, they recommend only to use the one template being "ex-default".

Next comes the biggest issue that surrounds Kunena and some other extension makers.

They set a forum as their support mechanism, which I have found over years and on various subjects,to be a good method of "giving the illusion of support", which lets other users do the task of handling troubleshooting.

As a forum, its ok.
Support is well below par, handled by people like you and me and not the people who put the system together.

If you want a forum up and running, that lets you get on with business, look elsewhare, as any hiccup will leave you faced with days and days of waiting.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback. As with most open source projects, the Kunena Team consists solely of volunteers. So direct support from the team is based on individual availability. Since Kunena is written in PHP like Joomla, we encourage you to seek out paid support if your needs require such and the response rate of our community forums don't meet your requirements.

The development team's time is also being invested into a Joomla 1.6-native version of Kunena so we request our users to please understand while we invest in the future of Joomla.