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byD0gSoldi3r, September 24, 2011
I use the popular K2 article component, the only issue the more articles i make the bigger the cache gets, (quite annoying), i only have 10 articles with over 150 caches. So i was able to stop it by adding some simple *wildcards* with this plugin.

Awesome >D
byD0gSoldi3r, June 12, 2011
Simple Upload
I love it gives me a simple way for my users to submit files to me easily.

On a side not does anyone know how to change the upload button to an image, would be awesome.
byD0gSoldi3r, December 28, 2010
Header Tags
I was a bit hmmm about this but i have to say it worked great, normally i've got tones of stuff so plugins conflict with stuff but everything went fine. After installing it i checked it with SEO in firefox and it's telling me my h1 tags are on so awesome still annoyed though i don't know really what it did, so it's left me happy yet confused :/
byD0gSoldi3r, September 7, 2010
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Been using this for about 4 months now for my forum section, it simply just creates a nice button once clicked a pop up window will display with any shoutcast/radio channel you like. Great feature for my forum :)
byD0gSoldi3r, January 20, 2010
R3D Floater
I wanted to add a shoutbox to my site but couldn't cause i had no more space and the components i have make my site look ugly if i enable Right&Left colums so i thought i was done for. So i was skeptical about this, but within 10 minutes i had my shoutbox hovering anywhere in my site i chose to place it. 5 stars i love this, would be cool if you had more options to add in multiple modules in the near future.