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byDBear, December 31, 2012
Google Maps by Reumer
I am currently using this extension on two web sites for both directions as well as general information about an area. One web site has 10 location maps housed in a NoNumber tabber component.

Performance and usability are great. The fact that it integrated into tabber without any problem testifies to the quality of the plug-in.

The plug-in is very powerful but easy to use, in part, because of the excellent documentation (including code snippets). Support was excellent. I requested a change to the plug-in at about 10pm. I had an updated plug-in in my inbox at 7am.
byDBear, January 28, 2012
SP Transfer
I am cloning my site in preparation for upgrading to 2.5. I wanted an easy way to extract the content and boy did I find it. With SP_Transfer I was able to clone content and users to a test site in less than 10 minutes after downloading the component. Install is a snap, launch the component, set the source database, select the items to move, and click OK. One of the nice feature is that there's a lot of granularity in what to transfer. An extra benefit is that it automatically detects ID or alias duplicates and you can configure whether to not transfer those items or create a new ID/alias for them.
byDBear, September 25, 2010
Visual Calendar
I purchased Visual Calendar - $29.99. Seemed like the perfect match for what I needed for my web site. Installed both module and component. So far, so good. Entering calendar entries is not real intutive but not hard. When I added calendar items I had to change the module position (e.g., left to right) to get the new entries to display. I really wanted the module so I grinned and bared it. Came time to edit an entry. Seems editing does work. Can't get the edit screen to come up consistently. This is a problem but hey I really like this so figured I post to the support site. Well to post you have to provide a Pay Pal email. Would I be billed? Don't know. It was at this point that I started searching for a calendar that worked without all the hassle. I have learned my lesson - I won't buy this or another product from this company.
Owner's reply

The Paypal or Google Checkout address is asked just to confirm the previous purchase and assign you a priority support, you WON'T be billed. In fact there isn't possible to bill a Paypal or Google checkout account without providing a password and we NEVER request a password.

If you prefer you can submit your request support directly to the email info[at] (replace the [at] by the @) or post a support request at ... in any case you will get an answer and solution from our support team.

According to your description the problem is a conflict with some of the CSS styles that you are already using in your template, please contact our support service and you will get a solution in a timely manner.

Please let us know any other comments. Thank you.

byDBear, February 13, 2010
Flexi Contact
I was looking for an extension for visitors to contact me with questions. I tried several extensions. Lots of functionality but way too much functionality - read complexity. I wanted an extension that I could get up and running quickly. It took about 5 minutes to install, configure, and deploy Flexi Contact. Works like a champ! Flexi Contact is the extension for you if you're looking for an easy to use contact tool.