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byDBee, February 22, 2012
Unlike most other reviewers, I had difficulty getting this module to work at first. I took the video tutorial, set up the sub-domain, and tried looking at it on the test site suggested (, but no success. I don't personally own a mobile device, which compounded the challenge of figuring out how to get it to function, and I had just recently finished putting together my first Joomla! site.

I am now glad that I didn't quit. I stuck with it because I work for a non-profit and we can't afford to pay someone outside to develop a mobile version of the site. After hours of frustration, I finally took some advice I saw on the forum and reinstalled the extension. That and a little help from Jesus fixed it.

After that, and using a trick mentioned on the site (adding "/?device=iphone" after the url) I was able to view the mobile version in Safari. It then took about an hour to tweak the site to look good on the iphone (It didn't like my DIV tags).

If you do have trouble installing or viewing the effects of this extension, I would encourage you to keep trying, because it is worth it. The site is working really well now, and my boss is happy. Hallelujah!