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byDJBenz, January 10, 2013
Lof ArticlesSroller
While this module is a nice looking one that does the job, the support from the developer is non-existent, either on their forum or by e-mail. Shame, because with some decent support this would be a five-star product.
byDJBenz, January 10, 2013
Social presence
Fantastic plugin. Far too many solutions over-complicate things when all I really needed was a simple, clean and elegant one like this.
byDJBenz, May 25, 2012
SP Upgrade
I had previously tried a free extension to migrate my Joomla site from 1.5.26 to 2.5.4 and run into tons of problems - way more than any extension should give. I've never been a fan of paying for extensions for an open source system, but SPUpgrade is definitely worth the money. The first attempt didn't go perfectly, but fortunately I was working on a copy of my live site, so not a problem. After a quick response from SPUpgrade's support I tried a second time. It upgraded my site in a couple of minutes and was clean as a whistle. Everything in place as it should be and all working correctly.

Fantastic extension and well worth the price.
byDJBenz, December 2, 2010
Art Sexy Lightbox
I absolutely love this extension, as it provides a great image pop-up effect that looks great on any website. The developers are extremely quick to respond to any requests for assistance and always get to the bottom of problems by offering a solution.

I'm always hesitant to pay for commercial plugins, with Joomla being open-source, but Art Sexy Lightbox is one plugin that is worth way more than the pocket-change they charge.