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byDJsOak4, September 10, 2014
We use gTranslate on our site (a non-profit one) as it is accessed around the globe. It is a wonderful addition and amazingly it is free. Since I only speak one language, am anxious for feedback on how well the translations are. One component used in early Joomla days received such a negative feedback on certain languages, we disabled those languages but I suspect technology has drastically improved since then. Support via the forum was quick (within a day) and beneficial. Thank you so much to the developers!
byDJsOak4, January 9, 2014
I've been impressed with jEvents since using it several years ago. However, most recently (since it only gets updated annually), we ran into problems resulting from failing to upgrade the extension. Due to the time element and unrelated issues, I could not find my user name and had to re-register under another e-mail address. The folks there were absolutely wonderful in sending my original user name so that account could be accessed. The other issue was on the actual upgrading process and, again, they were extremely helpful. On top of all this, the upgrade was simple and none of our old material was lost! Thank you so much! In fact, we are considering once we upgrade the core, of subscribing for the paid version so we can have the benefit of automatic upgrade notification. Thanks again. Oh, did I mention this extension would be highly recommended!
byDJsOak4, November 6, 2013
This works very well right out of the box, even for a novice. One thing, which takes some getting used to, is that it prohibits being logged onto the front and back ends at the same time. It took me awhile to figure out why but the developer got back to me very quickly and the reasons far outweigh the convenience of logging in to the front and back simultaneously. I would strongly recommend this component.
byDJsOak4, December 5, 2011
We have been seeking an inexpensive quiz component that will do everything our old one did (which was on a 1.5 site), after e-mailing the previous developer with encouragement to get the component updated to no avail. I almost stumbled across this component and am so thankful I did! It is amazingly easy to use, pleasing to the eye, easy to make minor adjustments (I'm still a novice) and is inexpensive to boot! There were a few bugs initially and the developers went out of their way to assist in getting it right. It does all we need it to do. I cannot say enough about the component or the folks who helped us. Thanks for doing this!
byDJsOak4, November 11, 2011
JCK Editor
When I first learned Joomla and needed an easy-to-understand editor, I went with a paid one. After several days with their support, was able to get it working properly. How I wished I would have tried this one back then! Now, after upgrading to Joomla 1.7, the one I had been using is no longer available and a friend suggested I look at the JCKeditor and I'm so glad he did. This appears to be easy to use and easy to instruct others on. The only difficulty I had was no css. Having very, very little understanding of even what css is, was able to follow the directions to fix it. Thanks so much!
byDJsOak4, September 9, 2011
SP Upgrade
After looking at others, I opted to purchase the SPUpgrade after reading reviews esp. due to support issues (being a novice). I have migrated 2 sites--1 simple 4-page site and the other very large with many extensions which had to be re-uploaded. Not only was the component easy to use even for a novice like myself, but when I did run into issues, the support folks made every effort to assist with fixing it. I am on the very end of upgrading the large site and, sadly, the last component may not be upgradable but that is a different issue. I would highly recommend this product, it was worth the amount paid for it. In addition, I have one more site that I plan on using this for.
byDJsOak4, December 16, 2010
After using other components to build relatively simple forms, I opted to try BreezingForms even though it was marked "commercial." This component was very easy to understand via the documentation and even being a novice I was able to get a form up and running in no time. There were one or two issues that required assistance (due to being a novice) and the developer was extremely helpful and responded in a timely manner. This component was well worth the cost and I would highly recommend both for the component and the support.