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This extension is a very good one indeed. It does exactly what you want it to. There is only one short fall on the developers behalf.

When pruchasing this extension they don't tell you clearly that you need to buy the plugin as well if you wish to use it in a Virtuemart based site. They show a long list of extension that they sale and the module is rihgt near the top of the list. This entry of the extension on the JED is for a module, there is no mention of a plugin anywhere on the JED or on this listing for this module for it's use in Virtuemart.

My only suggestion is that if you plan to use this extension for Virtuemart be prepared to buy both the module and the plugin. They are sold separately. They are not very expensive, that's not the issue by any means it's that it is not conveyed very clearly that you need to buy the plugin and the module to use it in Virtuemart.

I have suggested to the developer to mention it on the JED and maybe even offer a bundle package just for this extension for anyone buying it for use in their Virtuemart site. I hope they take the time to put these steps in to action. The extension works right out of the box with little to no effort. Had it not of cost me over six hours worth of hunting for an answer I would have given it a 5 star rating.
byDMobley317, November 16, 2009
Simple Picture Slideshow
I have been looking for a slideshow just like this one exactly. I wanted a simple system for placing photos in a gallery. I wanted it to be able to call a whole folder for better organization. And I wanted it to be quick loading. I knew that this could be done outside of Joomla but just hadn't found it yet in Joomla. This Plugin is a godsend I just absolutely love it. I took a look at the documentation for a minute just to brief myself on how to run it and noticed that the docs are so thorough that you couldn't possibly screw it up.

I can't say it enough. I just love this product and so will my client.
I bought this product after trying to use several others that just don't work like the developers say they do or they require you to use Legacy Mode which I have a major problem with.

When I first got the product I had a problem with component in the backend but that was do to me not having the right settings for the database and php. Make certain that you have php5 and up, it will save you a lot of headache.

I have used this component on two sites so far and I just absolutely love it. My clients can't get over how easy it is to use (one for herself and the other for end users).

The setup is quick and easy. I especially love the extra fields and options. It allows you to customize each type of ad that you want to list with so much precision that there is no way for an end user to not understand the system.

The documentation could use a little help here and there. It tends to be just enough to get you there and then you need to figure out the rest. However, after just a short amount of time with it you become so comfortable with the flow that the docs don't really matter.

I had a few major problems arise (for me) though. And it might just be in part to do with the industry that I am using this in. Every time that I had a question it was answered. I had a problem with the support section of the site and the owner gave me his direct email and personal number to communicate directly with him.

On the second site that I used this for I ran into some of my biggest problems. After multiple phone calls and emails Hasan gave me his I.M. User Name and we were still experiencing problems so he then helped me via Remote Assistance. If this isn't good costumer service I don't know what is.

As a note I didn't use this product straight out of the box a single time. I had specific things that I wanted and needed it to do and I tweaked it until I was happy with it. I mentioned to Hasan that I would like to see some specific things that are needed for another site that I have to design that I plan to use this component for and he has offered to help me with the development of it.

If there was a scale of 1 to 10 to score satisfaction by. I would give this product a 20 it's that good in my my opinion.
Owner's reply

Thanks for wonderful review DMobley317. You know we have been trying our level best to support our customers and this review give us encouragement to do better and to be better in all aspects.

We are trying to further improve product, and product support on daily basis. In our next version we are trying to put a lot more features and configurable options to suit all our customers.

We believe in flexibility means product should be configurable from all means.