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byDStill, October 17, 2013
Event Booking
We purchased and installed the Events Booking software for a client that books an average of 150 company training classes per month. After testing the software thoroughly we then released the software to our client. Our client put the software through months of testing and then launched it company wide and have been very very pleased. We found the software to be EXCELLENT!!!!!, and most importantly our customer loves it!

Once our test period was complete, our customer desired custom additions. I contacted the great guys with the OSsolution team, told them what I needed, agreed on the pricng, and they executed the new custom additions perfectly!!!

Tuan and his team were prompt, accurate, thorough and did exactly what the customer desired.

Thanks Again for the awesome work and extension Tuan, and give my thanks to your team.

I highly recommend the product and the people behind the product.

Extremely Satisfied Customer