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Da Kollabo

byDa Kollabo, July 19, 2014
Google Analytics Dashboard
Very simple to install. Video Tutorial is easy to follow. Looks beautiful on admin panel. Picks up analytics instantly. I can't say enough positive things about this.
JCK Editor
I originally loved this extension. But 10mins after using it, I recognized the slowness was going to persist. It also slowed up frontend pages by about ~4secs average. I would've lived with that, but then I started getting database crashes which wouldn't allow me to edit articles. Numerous times I uninstalled, cleaned directories/database, then reinstalled... same problem. By default I can't use this extension.
Owner's reply

Hiya,; the version of the editor you are using is three years out of date. A lot has changed since then!!! This old version has a version checker which is no longer supported. Our website has a solution to fix it. From our tests version 5.1, which has recently been released, has been tested and is the fastest loading editor on the JED. Furthermore version 5.1 contains a vast set of new functionality which allows you to further personalise your editing experience. May I suggest upgrading. After all it is free. I hope that helps.

byDa Kollabo, January 16, 2012
VehicleManager Basic
Yezzir... these guys was the shiznit! Their support was unbelievable. Shout outs to the guys from their support team (Andrew & Artem). These guys got back to answer every question I had and solved any related issues. They did this kind of support for the free version, so I can only imagine how they would treat a paying customer. I was having a serious problem with the install on my Go Daddy hosting server (most likely my fault) and I hate to say it but they (Ordasoft) went on my hosting server and actually did it for me. By no means should you contact these guys first if you have an issue, because they have a ton of free documentation that very well may resolve your issue.

Ordasoft, I love you man!!! Lols :-)