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byDaReign, October 5, 2011
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Totally useless. I can't add analytics profile. There is only import button. When i clicked it it give me some error , and then show up add button :) . After cliking add button i get blank account very very funny. But the worst thing i saw in docs in section "How to use it" developer wrote "A code snippet says more than thousand words:" and after that wrote some code. NO! code snippet don't say more than thousand word , it don't even say more than one word. If you want test free version of your commercial products on joomla users at least do it right and don't give us such garbage !!!!!!!!!!.
Owner's reply

In the future please try to honour the work of volunteers. If something is not working because you don't understand it, don't blame others for your incompetence. We have a lively forum on our G4J project and are willing to help out others free of charge. But users like you are a shame for joomla and the whole open source community.
You was reading the wrong documentation which is for a free PHP library to fetch the google analytics data. The documentation for GAnalytics is describing very well how to handle GAnalytics inside joomla. If you don't understand how the extension works (which is more or less straight forward) then ask!! But, please never call my extension garbage again. Keep in mind how you would react if I would give you such a bad review for something you are doing in your free time!!!!