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byDafydd, February 20, 2010
If you want to add a one-on-one instant messenger similar to Gmail or Facebook chatbar, then this is the best solution out there, and for a remarkable good price!

If you compare with 123 Web Messenger, who charge minimum $199, and this on a yearly basis to still limit you to 50 users, then I think the price of $30 is very reasonable as a one-time fee with no user limit at all!

I've installed it, and it works like a charm! My sincere thanks to the developers of jBolo to offer this at a reasonable price, please continue to do so!

A few small remarks:
- The chat does not always display when a user has gone offline
- Additional icons on the bar for CB users would be nice for in the future, like is already available for JomSocial users.

To me, these are just minor remarks that won't stop me from using and purchasing this extension. If you're looking for a Facebook-like chatbar or a Gmail-like chat, this is exactly that!
byDafydd, February 20, 2010
It's a bit of getting used to how it works (making a list of fields first, then make profiles in which you choose what fields you want to use and in what order), but it works great.

The only option that I'm really missing, is to send an email to its destination AND a different email to the one who submitted it. There's a workaround that, though, by just adding a "hidden email" field to make sure all the email addresses get the email with the form results, but it means that sender and destination will both get the same email.

Another small bug I have noticed: when in a contact "profile", you want to change the order of the fields, the ordering system suddenly disappears. This appears to be a problem specifically related to IE browsers, because when I try in Chrome it's not an issue. Usually, webmasters have more than one browser installed anyway to properly test their site, so if you just use another browser for that (who needs IE anyway? lol) then it won't be a problem.

All in all, I certainly recommend this extension and I'm glad to have found it!
byDafydd, February 20, 2010
Modules Anywhere
I can't praise this extension enough. It's the one thing I always felt was lacking in Joomla, the freedom to assign modules in whichever manner you want and not just by menu items.

The only downside (if it's really a downside at all) that this comes with, is that you may need to spend more time on properly assigning all your modules, but that's only because its options are so extensive that you can virtually do anything you want!

This should be a standard feature in Joomla!
byDafydd, February 20, 2010
This extension does exactly what it says it will do: show date and time. So if that's what you're after, this should be just fine.

Unfortunately for me, it only displays the date and time as is local to the server. What I was looking for, was an extension that displays date and time in the local time of each visitor. This doesn't do that, but if that's not an issue, then I can recommend it!
Owner's reply

Unless I am misunderstanding I think you are mistaken. If you set it to use Javascript it will use the time of the client since Javascript is client side. If you set it to use PHP it will use the time on the server. I updated the manual to be more clear.