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byDalek1243, November 8, 2009
As I said in my title this is teh best editor for Joomla so far! This Editor has all the features TinyMCE lacks and it looks really cool.

I have only one micro complaint, that the new windows, like to add a link, take a while to load. But that is a micro issue and this is still the greatest editor.
byDalek1243, November 8, 2009
Community Builder
This component is a must have for any community site, mainly because it is highly customisable and lots of people have written add-ons for CB or have made their software compatible with it! The range of plug ins is just baffling.

The only bad thing I have experienced is that the public relations guy on their website, 'Nant A' I think, is really unfriendly. But otherwise full marks!
byDalek1243, November 8, 2009
Akeeba Backup
This component is brilliant! I love all the features it offers, such as cron jobs. I'm sure this component will save my website someday.

I have only one note to make. The JPA Archives arn't compressed enough. My site is around 120mb big, when I ran backup I saw that the JPA file took up 100mb or so... I nearly got in trouble with my host! :)