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byDalmatian, November 9, 2012
As Catalogue - it's what one would expect it to be - simple and straightforward - works out of the box without issues. Quite good cohabitation with other stuff on the site (multilanguage setup, sh404SEF, rockettheme theme)
I didn't use all of the featuers (it's quite packed) as I needed simple catalogue for the project at hand, so can't honestly comment on review system, payments nor social linking.
I feel that it's right to point out two things:
- this seems to be only available catalogue script which promisses good old 'joomfish like' multilingual funcionality. I point this out as for me it's not acceptable to have 3-4 translations of the same item in the catalogue as 4 unrelated items. What's good for articles, may not be good for products or similar things.
However, I point promisses as unfortunately that multilingual funcionality is not yet fully developed (while fields and user interface is multilingual - FIELD CONTENT isn't). However, I was promised that it will be addressed and done in following versions of the script.
Here I need to point out the support - it's dedicated, swift and great - it helped me overcome shortcomings of the script and successifuly implement it on my clients web site for the purpose needed.
byDalmatian, January 3, 2010
Everything worked 'out of the box' - simple and functional.

Great component - yet unfortunately still not for most of my needs. Most of the properties I work with demand daily based booking - which rentalot can handle - just makes it a bit messy to display. Would like to see this married to 'MiniCalendar' component of yours.