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byDamagro, July 10, 2014
This component was quite promising. I bought a license for my website during the development: I was looking for a media plugin for JomSocial.

Unfortunately, the component is not working correctly with JomSocial. A few bugs makes this plugin not working with JomSocial. As stated on their website I contacted their support desk with a few questions regarding this errors.

Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything from their support desk. I paid for the extension, it's not working and they have a no money refund policy.

Please consider buying this extension twice.
Owner's reply

Sorry for the late support as it was the holiday period here. All support tickets have been responded now.

byDamagro, July 1, 2014
Email as Username
I have ordered this product to let users sign in with their email address instead of using an username. The support is really helpful: I have different custom pages and the support desk is willing to help me very good.
byDamagro, June 28, 2014
This product is truly amazing. I was looking for a membership component that would be compatible with other Joomla extensions, so Payplans was the right component: with their appstore almost every component has been covered.

Beside that, their support is amazing. I made a lot of custom modifications to the website and some of the issues we're occured by me. They we're able to help me nicely. Overall a great component!
Owner's reply

Hello Martin,

Thank You very much for your support towards PayPlans.

It was very interesting for us to workout on the scenarios that you provided us.

We really appreciate you, taking some time out for writing a precious review for us.

Thank You very much.
Team Ready Bytes.

byDamagro, April 22, 2014
Web Site Tour Builder
I'm very please with this module and it works like a charm. The support is friendly, fast and professional. I can recommend it to all users who want to create a tour on their website. This module is worth each cent!
byDamagro, September 15, 2011
RAXO All-mode PRO
The extension is exactly working as described above. Within several minutes the extension was enabled and working like a charm. Even the support is quick, as it should be!
byDamagro, September 12, 2011
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
The extension is working like a charm. Every question will be answered very well and soon.