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byDamienDarwick, November 16, 2009
I tried this component for about 2 months and it never has worked nor will it. Support on the home site was awful and no one would offer any help with resolving the situation.

My problems start with the install itself. I encountered a 500 server error while trying to install the product in the first place. I asked about this, nothing was said about it. I asked if it could be the problem, no one answered that part of my question. I realize that maybe a problem with my hosting so I let that go. I checked all the files manually via FTP and ended up uploading a few files that did not get placed into the install. This may also be the problem as well. But the response (or lack thereof) I got is what has me pissed off mostly. Instead they pointed out the obvious that I could see myself and did not need it pointed out that the plugin said that the user did not exist. The problem is I was using my admin account and the user DID and DOES exist in the tables. I posted this information and crickets. I never got any support of help that was actually helpful. I did not post there with an attitude or anything else and I understand and realize that the 500 error maybe a server issue, but one would think that would have at least some response or a possible fix for this. Apparently not I guess. I'm not an idiot and did appreciate being treated like one in the posts there. I install, upgrade & skin these things for a living and have been doing this for over 9 years. I will never recommend this product or others from this group ever to my clients again.
Owner's reply

Sorry but this review is completely inaccurate!!!

1: You mentioned you had a 500 error on the forum and had a reponse from the jfusion team within 3 hours. You then replied that you managed to install jfusion and never brought up this issue again. A 500 error is 99.99% related to incorrect server permissions (joomla is not allowed to write files in the joomla directory) and therefore is not an error due to JFusion programmming.

2: you also have a thread on our forum about making oscommerce a "master". I asked for some details about what version of oscommerce you are running (there are an incredible amount of clones) and also to make sure you have selected the correct oscommerce

Interestingly I did not realise that you had a 500 error on installing JFusion and you did not mention this in your post about the user not existing. Obviously if files could not be written due to your server permissions, it is not suprising that some functions may not work.

My suggestions would be to fix your server issues and make sure that you do not get 500 errors on installing (this is pretty logical), before making accusations that a product does not work.

In summary, you have always received fast support replies (you say that you did not receive support) and you forgot to mention in your second thread that you had JFusion installation errors.

Thanks, Marius