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Dan O

byDan O, April 17, 2011
HTML 2 Articles
I've been visiting the extension directory for years and like a kid at a comicbook rack could easily spend the day here yet I never actually registered with Joomla till now and my at my first attempt to write this review my session expired leaving me to do this again at breakneck speed.

So here goes... I just joined Joomla for one reason to write this review I normally do not give my two cents every time someone asks yet this component just upload an old yet well maintained html site in a matter a seconds 309 files to be exact and I'd be lying if I said it took longer than 15 seconds. I know this is suppose to go commercial and I don't even know what he'll ask somehow whatever that price may be I'd be hard pressed to pass this one up, keep it affordable and the world will pounce on it. Dudes (& dudettes) imagine putting together a sample demo site to entice a prospective client yet instead of quickly filling it with K2 samples or (how many times have you had to explain Lorem Ipsum)text only to watch minds wander when instead you can fill their much beloved menus with their own content (not fully formatted it may be) however it is their content and it's in your sample. Mind you this is no K2 and outside software such as Advanced Find and Replace will be of great assistance because well face it it's reading html and producing articles so anything that can be done to clean up the mirrored files will prove itself 10fold especially in cases of converting 100's or 1000's of files but even with that in mind I could have uploaded 20000 files by the time it took me to write this (twice).
Crazy Crazy Awesome Component Well Done Barnaby!