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Dangerous Boy

byDangerous Boy, October 18, 2012
Event Booking
I have been working on a website but before we release to the public, we testing components, plugins, modules, so far we have test 4 of the most advanced Booking system or calendar events, EventBooking has beat them all, it has many options in the back end, and the payment system is just a one click setup, it even has custom fields and manual integration with any other component, easy enough. Best Component of this category.
Just a few notes, more like a Feature request… maybe for the new version…:
On the event list, it should be an option by default to show or not the category color, same on the event module.(this can be done by hard coding a few lines…)
Great Component.
byDangerous Boy, January 24, 2010
Nice Article Tweets
Well, I didn't spect it to work right away, and I don't usually post comments/reviews on P/M/C/L unless they got my attention, well, this did got my attention, it only cost $6.00 bucks, they only software that I have pay to be use on a site was a Comment system, and now this.
Great Plug!
keep up the good work...