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Daniel Bargman

byDaniel Bargman, August 23, 2012
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I have used CMExtension for a while and with this great component together with the Dealsaggregator I have now developed 3 "Deal"-sites in about 1 month. This thanks to the support and developers. The support normaly replyes within 30 minutes.
byDaniel Bargman, August 23, 2012
About 1 month ago I bought the Dealsaggregator and was supprised how easy it was to manage this component. I had some small issues to fit my design and contacted the support. After about 10 minutes i got respons and solved my issue. The component itself are really amazing and I have now with help of the support got my design exactly where I want it. I strongly recommend this component and thank the support and developers for one of the best extensions I have ever bought.