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byDanielKonstanz, April 15, 2011
ARI Sexy Lightbox Lite
After initial problems obviously due to JS conflict, the guys from ARI Soft helped my out until the problem was solved - even for the non-commercial version. Thank you and I recommend this lightbox really ! Different from module versions, this one allows you to have several modal window links on one page, exactly what I was looking for.
byDanielKonstanz, October 20, 2010
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Great component where one can see that the authors put a big deal of work into it.
I give just 4 stars because for a normal user with a simple web page this component is surely an overkill.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback. We've made every effort to make Kunena as easy to use as possible, but it still may seem like overkill. We're definitely committed to keeping all that "Kunena power" under the hood and as easy to use as possible in order to avoid that feeling of "overkill."

Thanks for supporting Kunena!

byDanielKonstanz, January 18, 2010
Nice idea but personally I think one can easily live without this extension. For me it becomes confusing to work with the articles in flexicontent but with the "old" menus in Joomla at the same time / apart from the warnings "wrong foreach parameter" that show up all the time.
Dont want to discourage anybody but I think the authors should make suggestions to the Joomla Core Team for improvements - not to put another application on the existing one.
Anyhow thanks for the try, personally I removed the extension from my website.
byDanielKonstanz, December 29, 2009
Can just say: this is PERFECT !
It should be in the core of Joomla, thanks a lot for this work !
byDanielKonstanz, December 15, 2009
Simple RSS Feed Reader
Very nice layout of the RSS Links with tooltip popup... unfortunately it does not allow to use utf8 characters, these will be transformed into a kind of japanese/chinese mix :-( The manual use of iconv in the source code does help, nevertheless I could not get the popup window to look reasonable. My solution: go back to version 1.4 where these problem did not appear.
Anyhow thanks a lot for the very useful extension ! Keep it up !
byDanielKonstanz, October 13, 2009
Thanks for this great plugin ! Its very useful for me to add an upload area in my article.

I just like to suggest 2 more features for the future, if possible:
(1) Add separate rights for the "special user" as well (not only for public and registered)
(2) allow several upload areas in one article (maybe allow several [repository] tags inside the pluging or allow several {jsmallfib} tags in one article

If that will be the case, this is unbeatable for me !
Thanks again and keep it up ! Chris
byDanielKonstanz, August 8, 2009
Shape 5 Quick Contact
I like this email module because it is very simple and effective. Different from the claiming there is only one form of spam protection by answering a simple question - that is ok but I agree with another user that a captcha would make the whole thing perfect, therefore only 4 of 5 point. Anyhow thanks a lot for this work !
byDanielKonstanz, August 8, 2009
This component excellent with a nice frontend - BUT: when the component page is called, then the whole css of the page is gone ! In other words... not usable :-(
Owner's reply

Didn't you contacted me by email and I told you that your CSS codes is setting the display of the articles and not the display of the template?
If you don't have CSS codes for the entire template the design will look different for each component. The problem is not with aiContactSafe but with the way your template is designed. You can test this by using the default Joomla template.

byDanielKonstanz, August 2, 2009
Include Component
well.... first nobody said that you need the core design plugin scriptegrator to make this plugin run... then after installing that, the message "404 component not found" keeps coming up. Probably its not working with SEF turned on :-(( that would be a very weak point. I had to switch back to the old plugin "load component in module position"
Owner's reply

You don't need the core design plugin scriptegrator to make this plugin run. Please send me an email with your problem and I'll look into it for you.

byDanielKonstanz, April 14, 2009
Thats what many were surely waiting for for a long time ! This component might be able to replace the category view of Joomla as well as the many "news-list" modules and components swirling around !
Install this component first and then think if you need any other extension !
One small flaw that I couldnt figure out - after posting a comment the message "Page reloading..." appears but nothing happens. Hope that could be solved as well to make this component the no.1 in content news display. Thanks for your work !
Owner's reply

Comments use Mootools, which is the default javascript framework for Joomla! Check if it's disabled for some reason. ;)