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byDansterpower, January 20, 2010
HD FLV Player
This is a very good to excellent video player.

We purchased the commercial option that removes copyright upon right click. Afterwards we had an issue with the "send an email" function — it failed to function.

I was expecting a big disappointment but after emailing support — in the middle of the night, I might add — I received an immediate response and correction!

But it gets even better: their initial correction failed to work; so they email another, and then another and even a fourth—their last correction worked perfectly.

It's rare to find Joomla developers who provide consistent support and upgrades for their extensions.

These folks seem to be developers who defy this categorization. They seem worth supporting. I strongly recommend this extension. If you value this company, as we do, consider a commercial purchase. The product is worth it.
byDansterpower, January 20, 2010
This extension is fantastic in principle but Google would not accept the URL that Xmap indicates should be copied and submitted to Google (and Yahoo, etc).

We submitted and then resubmitted the URL three times. We followed Xmap instructions and even applied a few tweaks as found via forums.

The URL and the links it generated were all manually tested by us and they were valid.

We were using Joomla's built in "Search Engine Friendly URLs." We can't be sure if this had any effect.

After all the positive reviews on this component, we were excited to put it to use. Sadly our experience conflicts with these positive reviews.

At the time of this writing we were using the newest Joomla 1.5.15 with a very new template from Rockettheme.