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byDarKMaSk, February 2, 2014
CoalaWeb Traffic
This one is a must have if you are concerned about your site's security. It shows all the IP hitting your site. You can know the details of that IP by one click. My site got hit by some spammers, spiders, harvesters. I knew about them the time they hit. Inquire about them through Google. Project Honeypot showed their true natures. I blocked them immediately. Use this alongwith JU BlockIP and you will be a little bit comfortable. Though I would recommend search and read about site security. Because there are many types of attacks which can be happened. And you have to monitor the IPs hitting your site on a regular basis. And this extension will help you a lot. Thanks CoalaWeb Traffic team for this great work. :)
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to review CoalaWeb Traffic. I have been working hard on a new version that includes a totally overhauled method for blocking IPs and Bots from being counted with the idea of expanding it to include blocking from a website entirely. I'm also integrating ProjectHoneyPot as well so hopefully you will be able to do all of these things in one place very soon;)

Don't forget if you have any ideas for improvement or feature requests just let me know.

byDarKMaSk, February 2, 2014
JU BlockIP
Everyone who wants to secure his/her site, at least wants to give a layer of security where suspicious IP can be blocked, this is the extension. I strongly recommend this extension to everyone. This is a must have. My site was hit by some IPs which are genuine spiders, harvesters and spammers, all have been blocked. Not only that, I have blocked a range of such IPs. Free means not always bad. There are some good guys, who are constantly trying to lend a helping hand. Joomla community is the best example and there are others also. But, in case of security, these guys truly did a great job. Installation is simple and adding blacklist, whitelist are more than simple. :) Long live JoomUltra team. Keep up the good work. Hope it will be free afterwards also. And this is the first extension, which I am going to add in my favourite extensions. :) And to know the suspicious IP, yes you have another extension which shows you that. :)
byDarKMaSk, July 20, 2013
Flexi Custom Code
Excellent module. If it supported multiple instances, it would be a sensation. But, I think it is not possible.
byDarKMaSk, July 14, 2013
Easybook Reloaded
The module is really excellent. Installation, features, ease of use, in every aspect. Only a bug is there which occurs on changing page leaving the guestbook open. And I think its a minor bug which can be fixed very easily. Only for this I gave this excellent module 'good' rating, otherwise it is excellent.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

Easybook Reloaded is a component, not a module. The component exists over 5 years and such a "bug" was never reported by any user... Maybe you should contact the developers with more details if you have a problem instead of writing reviews first.

byDarKMaSk, July 14, 2013
TZ Guestbook
The demo is very impressive but I can't get it working. The documentation is very confusing. The installation procedure is very simple though I could not find it inside the plug-in and the module manager in the joomla back-end. It can be found only in components. Now, when working with the configuration using their documentation, in the 'Column Width' section, it suddenly shows the configuration of 'TZ Pinboard' extension !!! It may be ignored if it would work, though the 'Moderator approve' option is missing. After saving, only 'Sign Guestbook' link shows, nothing else and nothing happens when clicking on it. Moreover they don't have any support system. So, I can't give this any rating other than very poor. The developer has to work on everything to make it upto the mark.
Owner's reply

This problem was fixed in version 3.3.1.
You should contact us if you get issue from our product.
Forum support

Thanks & Best Regards,

byDarKMaSk, July 7, 2013
SCLogin Enhanced Login
Nothing to say. Excellent module. Though a small bug is there, sometimes the default search button image doesn't show, but that hardly matters as the search button always shows. Its an excellent module. I love it.
byDarKMaSk, June 27, 2013
JLV Twitter Sidebar
Working like a charm! :) But, after installation, it may show a warning that, a .ini file is missing, but it does not do any harm, neither to the module nor to the site. Excellent module. But, according to latest twitter change, the user have to create a widget in his/her twitter a/c and from there the widget id, which would be found in the widget code given there, have to be copied and paste it in the module's widget id field. Only the widget id is required, not the whole code. That's all! Very simple to make it work.
byDarKMaSk, June 13, 2013
This module is the best I have ever experienced. You may find a better module, but for that you have to pay. In the world of FREE EXTENSIONS for JOOMLA, you willnever find a better module than this, not according to the functionality but the EXCELLENT SUPPORT. I could not imagine that the support for a FREE EXTENSION can BE THIS GOOD. The makers give the support personally, not only in their support forum, but through emails. And they try to the ultimate to solve the problem. I can only explain my satisfaction by these words that I am SATISFIED TO THE POWER INFINITY regarding the module and the SUPPORT of the makers. Excellent work guys and please accept my heartfelt thanks and my ULTIMATE GRATITUDE.
byDarKMaSk, April 25, 2013
Google Region News
Excellent add-on. I am very much satisfied with this add-on. Installation & configuring are very neat. Hope it will come with a region wise section in future.