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byDaryl, February 28, 2010
There is no doubt the best editor for Joomla is JCE. I have been using JCE for about 4 years now on dozens of installations. JCE just keeps getting better with every version Ryan puts out.

The extra plugin's that cost $20.00 per year are really advanced and useful. This is only a small cost to help with the bandwidth of a busy site.Even without the extra plugins you are going to have an advanced and easy to use editor.

I find the comparison by the person who claims it's just 'Bad', to be ridiculous. Comparing JCE to a beta release editor that clearly claims on their site that you should not be using his product on a production site!

JCE is a high class component that is way above the rest of the pack. If you take some time to learn what it is capable of doing you will be very surprised, to say the least!

Thank you for this excellent component that makes working inside Joomla much easier. The automatic creation of thumbnail's (leaving the original intact), the easy way of adding a Youtube link for a video in your article, the uploading of all types of photos and media, the easy way of adding Flash to an article! The list of features is huge and very useful.
byDaryl, February 12, 2010
Ajax Contact
The Ajax Contact Form is a form in a module. It's handy, simple and useful. Not so simple that you can not add some custom fields, you can add extra fields.

You can use it in any module position plus you can add it into any article by using several of the available means of placing a module into a content item.

Support is excellent! I seldom have to ask Douglas for help but if I do, he is always available to provide any support I may need.

Thank you
byDaryl, July 2, 2009
Contact Enhanced Component
Contact Enhanced solves an old issue for me. Since I started with Joomla 3 years ago I have always used Community Builder so I could engage their registration form, add fields, mark them mandatory and the most important part, add CB's captcha.

I know there are other methods for captcha that have been around for a while but I didn't care for them, hard to read, tricky installs.

Now with Contact Enhanced I was able to add a few fields to the my contact form and the big bonus is you have a choice of three different captcha's to use.

Contact Enhanced is a component and plugin, the plugin must be installed and published if you want a captcha to show. The plugin contains the captcha settings and the simple 'Math Question' is the easiest to read.

If you want to use Re-Captcha and help with the digitalization of old books you need the two 'Keys' which you get from the Re-Captcha website.

If you want to use either of the other two captcha choices you don't need anything special just make the changes in the plugin.

The support from Douglas is excellent to say the least! He really cares about people. There is a small cost to help with his time and bandwidth costs. It's still open source!

Thank you Douglas!
byDaryl, February 15, 2007
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CB Captcha

I have tried it out and installed the plugin
on several sites. It is an excellent tool to
help battle the bot spam! It works without
issues, just remember to publish it and install
it in your CB plugins manager area.

Thank You!