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byDaveOzric, June 29, 2010
Contact Enhanced
If you need this form in an article this is perfect. Very reasonable price too.
byDaveOzric, June 29, 2010
Contact Enhanced Component
Highly recommended, highly customizable. With a slight learning curve you are set to make very detailed and customized forms. Any extension with this amount of features will take some time to learn. The nice thing is you don't need to be a programmer to make custom modifications. Basic html and css knowledge is all.

The support is very strong. I asked a pre-sale question and got a reply so fast I thought it was a auto responder. I needed a couple questions answered and everything was extremely prompt and thorough.

For the features, support and price you will not be disappointed!
byDaveOzric, May 7, 2010
I have been using this for a while and forgot to review it. I was looking for an file uploader with progress bar and email alert upon file upload. This was really the only option I could find to fulfill the need. Not only that, but it has tons and tons of other features on top of that. You can create just about any type of form etc you could think of. I have had excellent luck with the support team. Terry, a very helpful gal, is quick to respond and sort it out with you. There is an ever growing support forum with knowledge base. Good price too.

byDaveOzric, March 25, 2010
Ignite Gallery
This is extremely well written programming. The whole process is thought out very intuitively. Each step was logical which made it easier for me being a first time Joomla user. Some of the other extensions out there are very confusing.

The documentation is excellent as well. Very detailed, logical and with graphics too. The demo was one of best I've seen.

The support with a subscription is the bees knees. Matt goes above and beyond what I consider should be covered when you buy a product. He even helped me customize some parts to meet my specific needs. Not to mention the response time. Being on the other side of the planet from him, it was very timely.

If you want a very elegant and fully featured gallery, the $40 for this is a absolute give away.

Great work Matt,
Thanks for being a programmer, not everybody finds their calling.
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