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byDavesp, September 21, 2009
The Geocode Factory
This is a great add-on for Community Builder. At just over €23 it is not a lot to pay for the functionality alone.

It's a real plus that Cedric gives great support to the extent that he did some work on my database to get this working within the limitations of my server set-up.

On the downside, for me, his web site is in French and he admits on the help screens that his own English is not the best. Some of the back end is not translated but you can probably manage to figure that out. Most of the fields are obvious.

I had some problems finding installation instructions on his (French) site. Google translate doesn't do such a good job and there are many other extensions there (how does he support them all!). Forum support is in English for the most part.

I may have missed it but I would have liked a step-by-step install and set up instruction sheet. It was not intuitive for me to figure out the way that you need to set up the fields in Community Builder and the way that maps, users list and markers to all work together.

Given this small criticism the result is amazing: If it's all working 'as designed', users fill in their details as they register and they are auto-magically geocoded into Community Builder and a map appears on their profile page showing their position.

You can also have a separate map on your Joomla! web site showing all your registered users displayed with custom click-able icons on a map, with a summary of their profile details in a pop-up. Click on the link and their profile in CB opens up.

I can't criticise someone for not speaking English. My French is terrible.

It a fantastic add on.

(...and a great cheeky idea offering a discount on the next purchase in exchange for an honest review!...)
Owner's reply


The current version contains now a step by step statup guide.

I have see that some texts are not translates in english, I will add this in next release.


Google Maps by Reumer
Mike gave me fantastic and quick response to my inquiries. A little intricate to code the parameters for this mambot but it would mostly be a one off job for a web site.

Worked great for me.