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byDavidBoggitt, May 5, 2014
A superb little free extension to add this functionality to your site.

If there is a weakness, it's not as user-friendly as it could be when it comes to deciding which articles have the attachments option. I have suggested this to Digital Peak who are implementing another small feature I asked about and I'm hoping they'll consider this too.

byDavidBoggitt, August 7, 2013
Congratulations to the team on the release of Docman 2.0 RC1. It's looking better than ever and although there are a few bugs to work through yet, will be outstanding when stable and released :)
byDavidBoggitt, August 7, 2013
This is a very tidy little module which, for free, does the job nicely. I'm using version 2.2 and I know the author (who was good enough to email me the extension and documentation when his website was down) really values feedback and is working on version 2.3. It took a little style the tab the way I wanted it, but the client is really happy with the results. Thanks!
byDavidBoggitt, May 30, 2013
I've always used (and have been very happy with) another form extension which hasn't yet been updated to J3. So, I took advantage of an offer on this one and boy, I'm delighted I did.

It's hard to comprehend how much work has gone into this. It takes a bit of time to get into and be prepared to read the manual and play around a little but once you get into its mindset, you'll be creating simple or complex forms in no time. Regular updates and great support too.
byDavidBoggitt, May 26, 2013
Unite Revolution Responsive Slider
This is an absolutely outstanding extension - beautifully crafted, easy to administer and looks superb. The price is a giveaway too.
byDavidBoggitt, May 20, 2013
Please keep developing this and please keep it free. What an excellent piece of software - well done guys, this is brilliant :)
byDavidBoggitt, May 19, 2013
This extension is typical of Michael Richey's work: it works perfectly, you find yourself installing it on every website and it's FREE! Michael also strives to continually improve his extensions and is hugely responsive to feature requests and constructive advice. Thanks for another great extension :)
byDavidBoggitt, May 14, 2013
Admin branding
It's amazing how much clients like to have a bit of branding on their websites and this does the job very nicely indeed :)

I'm also highly impressed with the support - there were a couple of warnings (nothing broken) I found when updating to a more recent version of PHP and was debugging a site. They fixed them immediately and sent me an updated version - great service!!
byDavidBoggitt, April 15, 2013
Admin Menu Manager (pro)
I used to be a bit of a miserable old git, never really liking the J! admin menu.

But now, I've got an all-singing, all-dancing bespoke admin menu, all in a sensible order, nothing scrolling off the page and synchronised perfectly with Access Manager, another extension I can't do without now.

It's worth mentioning Carsten's support too: always quick, polite and very personal, even helping me with some CSS tweaks I asked about. Money well spent!
byDavidBoggitt, April 11, 2013
Access manager (pro)
We all know there are certain extensions that you simply can't do without and are a standard install on every site build. There are several of NoNumber's extensions (e.g. Advanced Module Manager) that I bet are on most people's list (and if not, why not?!) and I think Access Manager should be on there too. I've got some sympathy for the first reviewer as until you really need this extension, you don't understand why you need this extension! Read Carsten's explanation, however, as it details why this is such an important extension sitting on top of the native ACL. I use this in combination with the superb ACL Manager and also Carsten's Admin Menu Manager (Pro) to have fine control over my backend admin menu too (not just what is visible but totally rearranging the menu how you want it - invaluable). It's worth buying the Pro versions in my opinion - you get updates forever and you can use the extensions on as many sites as you wish.

No - I'm not related to Carsten (!) but I'm a huge, huge fan of his work - it makes life for site builders SO much easier!

byDavidBoggitt, December 21, 2012
I'm gradually building a J3.0 test site to get some experience in the new version and wanted a video player, but specifically one that played from a URL not just videos on the site. This too a short time to install and download and once I'd copied the syntax carefully, worked perfectly.

I hope the author updates this to be responsive - it'll be my player of choice for some time.

byDavidBoggitt, December 11, 2012
Web Fonts
In about 5 minutes, I'd installed the component/plugin, chosen the font and selector (yes, you have to know a bit of CSS and Firefox/Firebug are a great help) and had a very happy client.

This is a classy piece of code and thanks for releasing it to the community for free.

byDavidBoggitt, August 21, 2012
jGalleria Gallery Pro
I bought the Pro version too, got the file quickly as an attachment, but the images were also stacked on top of each other (I didn't try to generate thumbnails).

I've also sent a message to the author, but 48 hours later there's no reply. If you read my reviews on here, they are always positive (in fact, I think this is the first negative one).

If the author gets in touch that would be great, but I'm still going to ask for my money back as I'm under a bit of pressure from a client and had to purchase another product... I can't hang around for days hoping someone will reply!
byDavidBoggitt, August 7, 2012
Fun Supersized
Does the job very nicely thanks, just ignore the totally unreasonably review by nordnord. There are issues and the developer isn't too helpful to be honest, but they are not caused by his extension, more the templates div CSS background and jQuery issues. All in all, took about 10 minutes (including uploading images) from start to finish.

P.S. Was a bit of a fiddle getting the path right, but images/background/ worked - I'm sure you can work out what folder I created...
byDavidBoggitt, July 2, 2012
EU e-Privacy Directive
You can rely on Richeyweb extensions. You can rely on the fact that they work, the fact they they are under continual development, the fact that Michael is always willing to help and the fact that he won't rest until they're as good as they can be. If that wasn't enough for you, check out the pricetag...

Thanks always,

byDavidBoggitt, May 29, 2012
Advanced Module Manager
I just can't live without it - it's so often made doing what would otherwise be an impossible task as simple as clicking a few times.

Support Peter and his extensions - the project needs developers like him.
byDavidBoggitt, March 5, 2012
Terms of Service
It was one of those nice occasions when a client asked for a terms of service to be clicked on before a user had access after registering. About 10 minutes later, this was done :)

Have a look at the Richeyweb extensions - there's some really useful and free stuff available.

Many thanks,

Owner's reply

Much of what I release here in the JED was written for my clients.

Fortunately, they don't always want to purchase exclusive rights to the extensions I write. I make less money, but it presents an opportunity to give back to the Joomla community.

I'm glad this works for you and your client!

byDavidBoggitt, March 1, 2012
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Access manager
After relying so much on two of this other extensions Frontend-user-access and Admin-user-access on a 1.5 site, I was delighted to see this released. You may not appreciate you need this with the ACL in J!2.5, but as Carsten states, in core Joomla you can NOT assign an article to more then 1 access level. With Access Manager, you can!
byDavidBoggitt, February 14, 2012
Switch Editor
Does the job perfectly, thanks :)
Owner's reply


byDavidBoggitt, December 14, 2011
Frontend Content Manager
Very pleased with this for 10 euros, it works very nicely indeed. Although there were a few bugs when I first installed, the guys acted really quickly to fix them, including a Skype conversation - now that's a pretty personal touch! Look forward to their new extensions too.
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