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byDavidBoggitt, November 6, 2011
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Many thanks to Carsten for updating this to 1.7

Make sure you read the instructions carefully about its position in the content plugins and you really can't go wrong!


byDavidBoggitt, October 29, 2011
Real Preview for Joomla
I'm delighted to have found this extension and it's well worth the money. You can create draft versions, preview them then either publish them or fall back on previous drafts.

I had a small support request about drafts not being deleted when the original article was deleted and received personal communication about it with the promise of a plugin to provide this functionality.

I understand they are working on some more extensions, so I shall certainly keep a close eye on them. Well done!
byDavidBoggitt, October 26, 2011
ACL Manager
I can't live without it. Enough said! Thanks for a brilliant piece of coding.
byDavidBoggitt, April 26, 2011
Qlue Custom 404
It wasn't smooth sailing to get this working, but faultless, quick support helped enormously. It does prefer SEF mode and if you have modules showing on your custom 404 page you don't want, follow these instructions.

1) Create a hidden menu (Google it!)
2) Create a link to the Qlue 404 component in this hidden menu.
3) Within the basic parameters of this link, choose your custom 404 page.
4) Set your modules not to show on this menu link and make sure that on Module Assignment, you have "Include no Itemid" set to "Yes".

Bingo. Thanks guys!
byDavidBoggitt, April 8, 2011
Contact Enhanced Component
Look no further, you've almost certainly found your replacement for com_contact! It works superbly, gives enormous flexibility and is very reasonably priced too. Then add the top-notch support in there and you're onto a winner. I suggested a small improvement and the reply was "sure, I'll include it in the next release". This ones a keeper! :)
byDavidBoggitt, April 2, 2011
Simple - install, publish and go. I've no idea what the user 'Dens' is talking about - I don't think they understood what this plugin was meant to do! Thanks for a simple but very effective plugin.

I usually read all the reviews of an extension and when the first written one (i.e. the bottom one in this list) is 5 stars from the brilliant Carsten Engel, author of Frontend-User-Access and Admin-User-Access, I knew ScriptsDown had to be good. The double-page bug is fixed and the extension works perfectly. Yes, there could be better documentation and an indication that the ScriptsDown plugin should be run last. Also, if the author could create a list of scripts that need to be omitted (e.g. I use AVReloaded and so swfobject.js had to be omitted) that would help a lot. Don't expect it to just work perfectly first time... it depends on the extensions you've got installed and the scripts you have to omit. Persevere though and the speed increase is definitely worth it!
Owner's reply

I couldn't have said it better myself... I've tried...

There are so many possibilities and combination of extensions out there, it's impossible for me to test them all. This extension definitely requires testing and experimentation. Some extensions require the scripts to be at the top in order to load libraries to support inline scripts, some (the good ones) don't.

The boost in pagespeed and yslow is definitely worth the effort.

byDavidBoggitt, March 14, 2011

Echoing all the other great reviews, this component is fantastic and the support is just amazing. There are some J! companies that I've dealt with that offer superb support, always good-natured, patient and quick... NinjaForge, NoNumber, Akeeba for example... so now add StackIdeas to that group.

Thanks again for a great product.

Owner's reply

Thank you very much Dave!

byDavidBoggitt, April 3, 2010
Version Verification Tool
This will be going onto all my sites from now on and thanks to the CMS Market team for releasing this for free to the community.

I checked my files - found on a site that one file wasn't the 'official' version and updated it.

It would be fantastic if it could also update any files that weren't official versions, but it's still great!


Owner's reply


Thanks for the feedback. I use the "Update Manager for Joomla!" (available on the JED) to update my files directly. I would love to add the ability to show the difference in files as well as allow auto updating going forward. We also set up the component to allow comparing files for any Joomla! extensions, which I think will be very useful. We just haven't had time to improve on it...but we will try to as soon as possible.

Thanks again for the feedback!

byDavidBoggitt, December 15, 2009
I'm a lifetime member at Ninga Forge and consider it money very well spent! It's not just the components I'm impressed by, it's the quality of support too and we know from experience how variable that can be, even with commercial extensions. The Ninjas really are on top of things on the forums and are quick to fix any tiny bugs, etc... They even helped me with a CSS problem I had that was not related to their extension. Ninjamonials is a robust component and I would be surprised if you needed anything further... but if so, just ask, they'll probably sort it out for you!! Thanks Ninjas!
byDavidBoggitt, April 2, 2009
Akeeba Backup
Just brilliant. It not only does what it says, but it also solved a problem I was having when phpMyAdmin was not importing databases correctly (it was truncating when it reached special characters).

I donated - so should you!
byDavidBoggitt, February 4, 2009
Dropdown Articles
A great little module that does exactly what it says it does! A few more styling options would be nice in the module parameters, but as it is, it works a treat.

Thanks very much! :)
byDavidBoggitt, December 25, 2008
This is just what I was after... I just wanted certain individuals to be able to register on the charity site that I look after and this does the trick perfectly, with the minimum of fuss!

Thanks :)
byDavidBoggitt, December 24, 2008
Extra Vote

I run a charity site and we wanted a simple voting system where people invovled could rate various activities. This fitted the bill perfectly!

Thanks :)

byDavidBoggitt, December 22, 2008
Better Preview
This is a must-install on all my sites. I know that there is much discussion about what should be 'core' functionality, but since there is already a preview in Joomla and this is much better then... well... we can always hope. The author has some other excellent extensions too... check them out.

Owner's reply

Just released new version (1.1.0). Now you can see by the icons color if the link is changed to anything but the main site.

byDavidBoggitt, November 25, 2008
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JCK Editor
I love FCK editor. So why only 4 stars? Because at the moment, you can't create custom user profiles with their own image/file folders, editor layouts, buttons and plugin features. But this is on the roadmap and I'll happily give FCK six stars when it's implemented.

Note: the current version of Linkr (for anyone that uses this great tool) does not work with FCK with respect to adding links to images. This is a Linkr issue that the author knows about and is fixed in the next, forthcoming release.
Owner's reply

Hi David, we would be delighted to have you give us 6 stars & give careful attention to our user‘s requests! We have had some internal discussion,it's firmly on our things to do! In fact the 'newsletters mode' evolved from a similar conversation with Acajoom team. This has materialised in the latest version as the 1st & only editor to provide such a resolve. So hold on, we will get there! Thanks d:o)

byDavidBoggitt, August 26, 2008
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I've just installed 1.5alpha2 on a J1.5.6 site and it didn't work. I then read the installation instructions and lo-and-behold, it seems to be working fine! I do hope development on this continues; expect a donation when my next production site is complete :)

1. Install the component as a normal Joomla 1.5 component.
2. After installation change the config to replace the admin email address
3. You must then click the following links in the 'Development' tab in the JEvents control panel in order (VERY IMPORTANT)
1. Migrate admin menus and update databases (this will make sure your tables are up to date - the sql in the xml install file is more difficult to maintain during development and is therefore out of date!)
2. Migrate All Events to IcalEvents (this will copy all your existing events into the new format, if you have any - without removing them)
4. You MUST create at least one category before doing anything else
byDavidBoggitt, April 17, 2008
It really is great for someone such as myself with limited CSS knowledge - if you're happy enough to configure it's features then it'll do a great job for you!

Two points: there are differences between IE7 and FF2, but that's life! Also, I would like to be able to configure the text size for the xtypo_quotes, is that possible and if not, is there any reason why this cannot be implemented?
byDavidBoggitt, April 12, 2008
2J News Slider
... didn't work with JWTabs&Slides.

But the author was brilliant with his support - quick and helpful - and we've established that it's an Ajax clash and that when 2Joomla release their upcoming AjaxTabs extension those two should work together perfectly.

Thanks for a great extension which looks fab and is easy to install and understand.
byDavidBoggitt, February 14, 2008
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JCal Pro
I finally got this going... after a few problems and lots of scanning of the forums... what I had was a common problem and a 'sticky' could easily have been created! The problem was that any users could add/delete events from the frontend (i.e. the Authority system wasn't working). JCal Pro has been fine on some servers (most, I suspect) and not on others, but I'm not sure if a fix is released. But their suggestion (found in a forum post) worked.

Some documentation would have been appreciated - once you've read the forums and got it going, well, yes, hindsight it s wonderful thing and it's straightforward enough. But a few simple instructions aren't too hard to write.

Still - once going - it's great!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the note. Documentation is available here (and has been for some time).

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