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byDaydah, September 15, 2014
Been using DirectPHP for so long, I can't remember why I haven't reviewed it till now. It has always worked excellently for my custom code needs. Used to use Jumi, but DirectPHP beats that hands down since you can type your PHP code into Joomla! articles directly. Difficulty level is minimal, instructions are clear and concise, and the steps do not take up to 5 minutes to get you started. I recommend!
byDaydah, October 22, 2012
Was looking to implement Google fonts in a template and I found HD. Downloaded, installed and it was set up within minutes. In fact, extending it to include more fonts was fast and easy. Thanks for such an excellent product and for making this free! I am definitely checking out your other products.
byDaydah, May 3, 2011
Admiror Gallery
I wanted a gallery component that would show thumbnails of albums before showing the albums. I wanted something easy to use and that works straight out of the box - and I found it and more in AG!
Thanks for taking the time to ensure excellence in quality! Kudos to you!
byDaydah, January 7, 2011
Downloaded, installed and started using in seconds! Awesome! This should really be part of Joomla default - the default editor has been giving me headache for a loooong time, especially when it comes to using tables. But this just solves it pronto!
Thank you!
byDaydah, December 30, 2010
I have been searching for a scripting extension that will let me link pages and send variables and Jumi is IT!
Jumi is tha bomb! I could not believe how easy it was to implement and use - took seconds! And after battling with sourcerer you should know I know what am saying!
I noticed a small tiny teeny glitch in its delivery though - the URL to link between the pages doesn't include the Itemid. While this might not be a big deal, it actually took me a few hours to trace it out [I was getting non-object notices via mobilejoomla]. My solution was to include 'Itemid=1' in my linking, but its not permanent so I ask Edvard to please add it for the next build. Thank you.
Jumi Rocks!
byDaydah, June 11, 2009
Initially I downloaded and installed EventList, but it seemed too crude for me so I decided to try JEvents, especially when I read that I could import iCal events into it.
The extension was easy to install and use, navigation excellent and overall performance fantastic! Thanks for making it free guys!