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In one sentence:

Ohanah is a powerful combination of both calendar and event+registration management for Joomla in one awesome extension.

Top 5 reasons I love Ohanah:

1) Easily create events, customize event registration forms plus customizable registration details can be automatically sent by email.

2)Events look great displayed on a calendar or as a sortable list of events (or both). Both adjust to your template (no separate template to buy).

3)Event details page uses 'module injection' ..modules are inserted into the desired position of your template with the corresponding data related to that event (ie, map, venue location, event pictures, etc).

4) Sortable. The filter module is awesome! We have a ton of events. Our users can sort through our calendar+list of events by seven different variables. Without it, our list of events/calendar would be totally cluttered like a Google calendar.

5) Flexible ...tons of options to select from in the admin area. Repeating events. PayPal, MailChimp integration. Works out of the box. Really clean admin area. After JCE and Widgetkit, Ohanah is the best coded Joomla extension I've seen.

Ohanah is the perfect example why Joomla rocks: better extensibility. We've pretty much replaced Eventbrite and 30boxes with Ohanah ...lets see you do that Wordpress or Drupal.
The new release of PreachIt (3.0) is fantastic!

You don't need to be technical savant to upload, manage and publish your media on your site and across the internet.

Favorite Features:

Amazon S3 Cloud Storage integration
Nice Flash Uploader
Great CSS customization
FREE (as in no cost)
Great support