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byDeLLiAnO, June 26, 2012
This is the thing that i whas looking for.
Works perfect on 2.5.4.. To bad it isnt working on 2.5.6 :( (Cant create a category because their is no save button) Hope that there will be a fix soon.
Owner's reply

Glad you like the extension.
You can go to my site and download a patch file
access.xml witch makes it compatible with 2.5.6.
A new version coming very soon.

byDeLLiAnO, October 11, 2011
Looking for some of the best analytics ever? Sick and tired of those dumb/hard to get analyctis sites? Want to follow every visitor, every second? Want something even a 8year old kid can work with it, and still looks professional..? Want a little bith security?

>> Joomlawatch is one of those things everyone should have it! e a custom made report, so that you get every night a nice analytics report with the Ups and Downs on it.. and SO MUCH MUCH MORE!

Verry handy/helpfull on Security lvl!
You can see what page they are crawling, or trying to enter. You can get info of every ip with just one click and do a whois or ip-lookup on them (easy when their abusing your page so you can take the abuse@domain to send complain mail at), with one click you can add them also to block their ip from your site. Have also anti spam program. Joomlawatch let you see where every ip is, from what country they are with a flag symbol and follow them within a sec when the click another page of your site and MUCH MORE!!

One of the best Supports ever!!
the articles that are provided, are easy and well explained with the needed directions, in a language that everyone gets it. If thats not enough, and need more info/explaining.. watch at their step to step tuttorial movies! And if thats not enough for you, their is always the customers service where you can send a ticket, and get friendly help.

Do i need to say more...?! Dont just dream about it, when u actually can have it all! 15€ version for the win!