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this is a the second extension I have bought from Chill Creations and its (again) very good. installs, configures and runs, user guides, videos - a very good company and set of extensions
byDeepmill, January 24, 2012
the exnstenion is very good, it doesn't point out that you can only display vidoes from your own account, not others, but its not a problem, just create an account and include all videos you want into your favorites and it works.

What I don't like is the billing company emailing a strange email a month later talking about payment and billing in a poorly worded email which looks like a con or spam - very unusal
Owner's reply

Hi, Just wanted to clarify that you don't need to add videos to your own account. It DOES support videos from other's channels and playlists.
About the payment company, I don't know much about the emails they sent you. I can't control their policy or email words. If you suggest a better payment company I'll consider switching.

I purchased this pdf indexer last week. search now crashes, I raised this 5 days ago, no answer. I have emailed, no answer. I have raised this on thier forum - no answer (yes I waited 3 days) For a paid extension this is not good enough.
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I am sorry for lately response. It was our new year holiday ( and I just come back to office today.

It must be something special with your site causing the issue. So please submit a support ticket on my site. I will check and reply you very soon (lately 24 hours from the time you submit support ticket).



byDeepmill, January 19, 2012
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Core Design Captcha
this is a good add on and works without a problem on the joomla forms, but anything generated by Artisteer doesn't display correctly.
Owner's reply

Hi, templates by Aristeer are not compatible with Captcha plugin. These templates require a code modification to get it work properly. In case you need more assistance, please use our forum.
Thank you.

byDeepmill, August 22, 2011
downloaded and due to a duff joomla install it didn't work - their support was very quick and solved my problem. THeir app worked, it was my install of joomla that was wrong.
the application is really easy to use and to import contacts, define templates and send newsletters.