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byDelfer, November 4, 2011
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p8pbb bridge light
I am building a new online forum for photographers and photography buffs, and was looking for a solid way to SEO my phpBB forum. After looking at a lot of different possibilities, I found the p8pBB Bridge, that not only offered med full SEO of the forum, but also offered integration with Joomla as a front-end.

I can ONLY say that this bridge has more than lived up to each and every expectation of mine. It is an EXCELLENT product, beautifully integrating phpBB and Joomla, it ALSO allows me a more robust registration process for new users, and allows me to integrate the phpBB options in the overall Joomla menu-structure. A registered user will see the phpBB "User CPL" in the Joomla menu, but not the "Administrative CPL", which will only be seen by administrators. This way I can not only wrap the forum in Joomla, I can modify the phpBB template to save some screen real-estate! AWESOME!

Blogomunity has been absolutely amazing in assisting when I had a minor issue installing (which was really only a stupidity on my part). They went above and beyond to assist me in my efforts, and I can honestly say, that I - over the many years of building Joomla sites, and adding various commercial extensions - have NEVER had a more exemplary support!

I can only give Blogomunity and their p8pBB Bridge my warmest recomendation! If you wan't to integrate phpBB with Joomla, THIS is the way to go!