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byDeliciousitaly, November 10, 2013
Migrate Me
Not sure what we would have done without Migrate Me. 2000 k2 articles, multiple users, a couple of clicks, perfect! Would have liked a bit more explanation, after uploading the sql database, to help understand what may or may not happen after moving the jos files. In particular the jos_menu, which we decided not to migrate in the end, preferring to re-build. In any case, a life saver! Can't see a better solution out there.
byDeliciousitaly, June 4, 2013
Tweet Embedding using Shortcode
Saw no reviews but bought the plugin anyway expecting/wanting it to work as hopded. It did. Downloaded the Joomla 1.5 version for our k2 based site, published it & made no changes to the default settings. The insertion code was easy to follow. Thanks.
Owner's reply

Thank you for using this extension.

byDeliciousitaly, July 20, 2011
I was looking for an extension which would place a module on a single K2 item.

After an email to KJ and a tweak of the code in the Display Rule, this really works and is now one of the simplest and most effective extensions we have used.