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byDelsea, July 15, 2008
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VM Affiliate
I love the simplicity of this component for VM. But..if i had known the number of problems who were arising with this component i would have bought idev 4.0. I mean its a bit more expensive, but as it seems less problems and probably better support. I am really dissapointed *upgrade for vm 1.1 is promised to be released at the beginning of June and still nothing even no reply from the administrators of the forum on forum posts* in globacide and i begin to lose my trust in this extension and i paid 80 dollars for it.

its simple easy to use
easy to set up *if you have the right language file, well most language files you have to make yourself*
if your looking for a simple program and you don't have to hire any programmers(cause you can code yourself) then this one will work.
you can use it on all the websites you own.

lack of support
because of all the bugs it had be better be put off as open source then a paid extension.
you can't download the component from the website after you paid and follow the download link
and lots of other dissapointments...
I really wished i could get my money back at this stage.
Owner's reply

Hello Dear Mr./Mrs.,

First of all, which are the problems/bugs you are refering to? Please do report them in our forum in the Bug Reports section or e-mail and I assure you that we will fix them.

Indeed, the launch of the VM 1.1 and Joomla! 1.5 compatible version was delayed, due to intense testing, and big number of support requests, even for few-clicks installations.

I, as the main developer of this software, officialy mention that the VM 1.1 compatible version will be released near the end of the coming week.

Also, why do you keep emphasizing that VM Affiliate is very simple? What features would you like that VMA does not support?

Since currently it supports, for example: multi-tier affiliate tracking up to 5 levels, banners, paypal payments to affiliates, payment method manager, managing affiliate links, and so on...

However, the main task of VM Affiliate is complete integration and automatisation with VirtueMart. It automatically registers clicks and sales (coming from referral links that are also automatically generated), automatically confirms/removes sales upon order status update in VirtueMart (you can set the final status of the order, stage at which the affiliate will be credited), completely integrates in VirtueMart's menu, and Joomla! framework, and so on.

So, please contact us as soon as possible by e-mailing "", to solve your issues and get you satisfied of our product.

Kind regards.