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byDemonike, January 15, 2011
They have version 1.3 now and it really works fine, the early 0.8x versions did also work for me - it might depend on other plugins you might use with Joomla. I am very pleased with it, since it truly makes the life of a webmaster much more effective. If you have it working, there is no immediate need to update everything, as soon as new versions come about. If you update something, you must be prepared that you might have to reconfigure parts of your site - that is why there are changelogs and documentation. If you have driven a petrol car for your life and cahnge for diesel for better economy, it is obvious the old fuel will not work anymore. But you have to be aware of that - no point in complaining to the manufacturer :)
byDemonike, April 22, 2010
Pro Super Slider
It might seem suspicious that most of those reviews give five stars, but I assure you objectively, that it is no spam.

I was looking for a simple (flash based) slideshow, that would be able to advance by itself and also be able to skip slides if needed. I spent several days looking for a free one, because I believed there is a free version of everything, just to be found. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for you, I can save a few days worth of futile search and suggest paying for this highly configurable extension. I certainly would have earned more than I spent if I had bought this right away and not wasted a lot of time installing and trialling various not worthwile alternatives.

I especially like the automated installer - you only need the ProJoom installer. If you buy one of their extensions, get the hash code and paste it into the installer, the software does all the rest!

Five out of five.