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Dhruba RC

byDhruba RC, July 27, 2012
Slideshow CK
It definitely ranks among the finest of slideshow extensions that works flawlessly without any conflict whatsoever. The module itself looks pretty and the effects work out to give an overall outstanding look to the site.
byDhruba RC, June 15, 2012
With three different form building modes you have the world in your hand to use it whatever way you like, content submissions to file uploads and of course create any forms of your imagination; you should read up or watch the videos to make the full use of this component though.
From the day I discovered it, I have always found it difficult to understand how such an extensive and fine piece of software engineering could be given away for free!
For anyone who wishes to build a user driven image based website, JoomGallery should come as the top priority.
byDhruba RC, June 15, 2012
True Typography
I happen to come across this plugin in one of my many sojourns in the JED sea; and it could not have been more rewarding. This is a nice little addition to your armoury that brings a touch of finesse which I am not aware could be achieved in any other simpler way. And what more it comes for free coupled with excellent support.

Try it out and it would sure brighten your and your users day by a fantabulous extent.
byDhruba RC, May 6, 2012
Hello Everybody,
I was in the search on a tagging extension that would allow me to tag images in JoomGallery as inherently it did not boast such features. TorTags promised such capabilities of being able to seamlessly integrate with 3rd party components and deliver it did.
Through some timed and excellent support system I was able to accomplish my objective and it now works fantabulously.

It definitely is a great component and I would recommend it to anyone in need of such an extension. Happy Tagging!
Owner's reply

We're always happy to help everyone achieve their goals with our component. Thank you for your recommendation and good review! Happy Tagging!