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byDinamicor, October 31, 2013
Vertical Accordion Menu - All in One
This is by far the best accordion menu for Joomla. And Ronald Soos gave an outstanding and very fast support on customizing a feature. Outstanding job!
byDinamicor, October 29, 2013
Images Crawler
One of the few image scrollers working for responsive Websites. Both the extension and the customer support, are excellent!
byDinamicor, July 26, 2013
KMFasTrans PRO
Outstanding piece of software, and outstanding support.
byDinamicor, April 28, 2013
Fun Supersized
Outstandig; and simple to set up. Just a recommendation; be more specific in a visible part on the need to set position to any choice.
byDinamicor, February 16, 2013
Code 7 Responsive Slider
Shape5_vertex is great; but trends to jquery conflicts with mootools and jquery modules; CODE7 RESPONSIVE SLIDER is one of the few responsive slide shows that makes no conflict; and, setup is great; works out of the box in a couple of minutes. Excellent!
byDinamicor, November 1, 2012
Sleek Accordion
Simple, but complete; highly customizable, nice looking; as they say a great value for the money
byDinamicor, October 29, 2012
Not only the extensión, but the developer Barnaby Dixon with his extraordinarily professional support, are the best experience in all my development years!
byDinamicor, September 29, 2012
JV Bing Translator
Installed and configured it in a couple of minutes; worked right away in Joomla 2.5.7; very fast Ajax translation. No need to get an API code. No toolbar appearing above the page. Grrreat!
byDinamicor, September 4, 2012
ACL Manager
Not only provides a consolidated view of ACL (something Joomla core lacks), but provides Diagnostic Checks of Asset Issues, fixes them in seconds, and administers access conflicts.

A must have time saver!
byDinamicor, August 31, 2012
Add to Menu
This module is simply the best easy way (if not the only) to add a menu item directly to an article!
byDinamicor, July 30, 2012
System - Nomad
This is an excellent extension. Almost all the components, modules and plugins provide an URL field, which is somehow difficult to obtain, and promt to errors upon copy and paste.

This is a must have if your only need is for a login redirect for groups and users.

Great interface, can add as many redirections as needed.
byDinamicor, July 1, 2012
jQuery++ Integrator
Tested other jquery conflict plug-ins. None of them worked for me.

This one worked out of the box!
byDinamicor, July 1, 2012
Klixo Articles slider
Worked right out of the box; highly configurable.

With a clean looking control panel, and a complete collection of sliding effects.

Tested over 700 Joomla extensions, and will certainly recommend this one.
byDinamicor, February 18, 2012
Impressive in performance and configuration, and free of jquery conflicts.