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byDirk_Muc, July 7, 2010
Page Analysis
I tested it on my new page as I was keen what would be the outcome.

Unfortunately it does not ignore the &shy hypenation, so it is quite difficult for viewing exact keywords.

My proposal would be to replace all &shy content with "" to view the keywords as the are. Like google "ignores" it too.

Thanks very much

Owner's reply

Dear Dirk_Muc,
Thanks a lot for that review. That's what I want. Even if my component review is given poor, I wont mind but it should be helpful to others and I should get a feedback, and afterall suggestions are always welcome. I will definitely try to improve on your ideas and would be happy if you can point out any other bugs/errors in this component. Feel free to contact me at

byDirk_Muc, June 25, 2010
Art Sexy Lightbox Lite
I bought even the pro version and I m faszinated !

Had some minor wishes and the developer put them in within minutes. So cool !
byDirk_Muc, June 25, 2010
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
Perfect tool which I am using in contact_com on my website

Only when I have chosen words to show, I got sometimes missing words , switched to show "digits" and all is well. Don t know if "O" is not in the word list "zero" and that s the problem.

Looked like this often:

calculate: "minus 34 ="

Maybe something to check for the developer.

But great Work !!!
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review!