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byDirtyMonkey, April 24, 2010
I brilliantly simple little plug-in that just works. A complete non-brainer.

I had used the previous non-commercial version on every site I have ever created or managed with no problems at all.

A previous review suggests a conspiracy theory where the older plug-in simply stopped working when the commercial version was released... My own experience is that 100+ sites continue to function flawlessly.

IMHO: The original and still the best. Ok it now costs peanuts but thus ensuring continuing development and support.

Good job!
byDirtyMonkey, February 9, 2010
Yireo SSL Redirection
In short, it does exactly what its supposed too. Very useful.

byDirtyMonkey, January 15, 2010
Joom Donation
Joom Donation is by far the best Donation Solution available bar none.

With powerful yet intuative campaign management, you will be up and running within minutes. Integration with JomSocial is solid, and tracking is faultless.

I must also mention the fanatical support the Joom Donation team provide. I had a small issue with a 3rd Party Extension and they provided a fix on the spot. If only this level of support was half as good for other Extensions the average web developer would be far less stressed.

A true leader in its field.
byDirtyMonkey, September 23, 2009
If you need to include/edit raw .html etc. to embed widgets from 3rd party solution websites this is essential and works perfectly.

byDirtyMonkey, September 23, 2009
Cache Cleaner
Another extension that should
be on every admins standard site install list!


byDirtyMonkey, September 23, 2009
Modules Anywhere
I've used this on many sites with all the leading template developers and I highly recommend it.

byDirtyMonkey, September 23, 2009
Better Preview
Should be installed by default!

byDirtyMonkey, September 23, 2009
Yet another solid release from a very respected developer.

byDirtyMonkey, September 17, 2009
Twitter FollowMe
A no brainer, should be installed by default on every Joomla site you own.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the Review.

JW Player Advanced
Fully featured and very flexible. I had a couple of minor issues but the developer was very responsive and helpful and any issues were promptly fixed.

I happily recommend this module, DM.
byDirtyMonkey, December 14, 2008
An excellent component, simple to install and configure. Now happy to announce it supports the brilliant JoomSuite Resources (formerly Content).

Download it today!