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byDjango29, October 1, 2014
JomLand Ticket Center
We use the free version of this extension for our blues festival, in France, and it works perfectly.
A question to Jomland had an answer in the day. We are thinking of the pro version for our new Joomla 3 website, for more ticket templating possibilities.
HostingRaja Career
... but unfortunately not yet ready for Joomla 3.
I used it in Joomla 2.5 websites, but now, I can't upgrade to Joomla 3 with this extension.
Too bad, because it's really simple, and enough for the recruitment in a small company.
byDjango29, January 17, 2012
I'm using Jomres for a villas booking portal. Jomres offers all we need, and more, with numerous templates. But the most important advantage, is that, for now, all my questions on the forum or with tickets had a very fast and efficient answer.
Owner's reply

Django's sure been keeping us busy with questions :D

byDjango29, February 9, 2011
mavik Thumbnails
After testing a few other extensions to enlarge all the small pictures of my website (about 160x 200 pix) to 800x600, I choosed Mavik thumbnails, and it is almost perfect.
It would be completely perfect if it didn't make conflict with my mootools slider in the header.
Owner's reply

You can turn off java-scripts in settings of plug-in if its conflict with others scripts.

byDjango29, August 16, 2010

RD ticketmaster paid - installed, but doesn't work. No answers to my questions on the forum after 10 days. Maybe they are (he is) on holidays.
Owner's reply

All questions has been answered, take a look at the forum. When having questions or need my help, let me know.