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Don Caldwell

byDon Caldwell, August 30, 2013
This works very well on my site for Native American genealogy and I hope to use it on other sites. I have tried a wide variety of opensource and commercial genealogy software. None worked as well for my purpose as this. It is beyond belief that Joaktree is non-commercial, but the immediate response from the developer to some questions I had were just as wonderful. I also wanted a program that would plot the locations of where Native American ancestors lived and died on a map. This not only allowed for this but I can include the map in articles about those ancestors.

Seemless installation. The ability to upload and incorporate Gedcom files. You can selectively plot genealogy data on a static or interactive map. It will connect to Google geoplotting for all my entries and get the lat/long of their locations. I could add much more but the best thing is that it's built in a way that is very flexible for your particular needs.

The only element I had any difficulty with was to add a button to "create article" allowing my users to add a map to their own submissions. This may have been my own fault as I have many other extensions integrated into these article submissions and not all of those work as well as Joaktree.