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byDonethat, October 15, 2014
Aikon Easy Parallax
Firstly this does work exactly as you'd expect, out of the box. It just works without the bloat that so many extensions seem to acquire.
When I needed a little help making it do something a little different these guys were back to me straight away and got it doing exactly what I needed.
So far this is the best Joomla extension support I have ever received.
byDonethat, March 28, 2014
I haven't downloaded this yet because I discovered that you don't seem to be able to without subscribing to one of their Subscriptions. A minimum of $35 Thus free it is not.
It may be an excellent component and I would like to try it but I do seriously object to being misled.
Owner's reply

The Extension is absolutely free to download. Step1 register at
Step2 go to the download section and download the YESlider Free version.

Only registered user can download the free extensions. This is the only requirement to download the free version.

Please have a look closely at our site and you will find the Free download.

byDonethat, December 11, 2013
Search & Replace for Joomla!
I love extensions like this, they just work.

I wish I had found this earlier changing a telephone number in content in a 200+ page website can be a real pain, not with this, it takes moments.

Love it.
byDonethat, August 30, 2013
Xpert Tweets
This is brilliant. I can put this on any website and redesign it to fit. I haven't a tonne of CSS to reconfigure to undo the initial design.

Just what I like
byDonethat, July 10, 2013
This is an excellent product and is easy to use and 'just works'. As it creates new templates it is possible to edit them to get the look you want.

Now for the BUT. Support is non-existent. There is a forum but I wouldn't expect too much in the way of a response from the developers on that. I can see little identifiable activity from the developers on there. Even if you pay to have the ads removed it doesn't appear to earn you any support.
byDonethat, June 21, 2013
eScope Error Handler
This is such a good solution and it just works. Not a million options to work out. It's proved very popular with my clients.
Love it... now where is the one for V3?

Though I have installed the one for 2.5 which seems to work fine.
WDS Twitter Widget
These hoops you make us jump through is inappropriate for a commercial web developer. If it's good I will donate. Not going to sign in blood for it though.
Just uninstalled it.
Looks good on the surface though
Owner's reply

The new Twitter API requires these steps, not us. Please note that we are only providing a free extension to allow you to use the new Twitter API. It is now required to follow the steps you mentioned or none of the twitter plugins will work.

Twitter requires everyone to follow these steps, not us. So please consider this and adjust your feedback accordingly. Thank you.

byDonethat, June 14, 2013
Simple SagePay
This is such a good product. My client loves it. None of the hassle of setting up a shopping cart which is great if you're only selling a couple of things. The best NON bloatware I've seen for some time.

Well done guys.

PS The support is friendly and responsive. Sadly not often the case with Joomla extensions
byDonethat, February 24, 2012
Sexy ImageMenu
Pulse extensions are simple and do what they say on the tin. They don't feel the need to bloat out the extensions with a stack of stuff that most will never need or use.
The templates are well set out and easy to adapt to one's own designs.
byDonethat, September 9, 2011
Love this, it does what it says on the tin and quite a lot more.

Responsive support though you probably won't need it as it does just work out of the box.
byDonethat, June 9, 2011
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ARTIO VM e-Tickets
In reality this is a extension for Virtuemart. So you need to know your way around VM before you try and learn this one.

The guidance notes are just that, notes. They provide little real guidance on how to set up your ticket sales and nothing to tell you how to get it live on your site.

I suspect it's a good package but with a steep learning curve and minimal support. Not good enough for an expensive extension.
Google Maps by Reumer
This is by far my favourite plugin. It is incredibly adaptable without needing two brains. Allows everything from simple display maps to mashing latitude, kml and other overlays. Customs icons, why go on there isn't enough space here to tell it all.
There isn't a better Google maps plug in for Joomla.