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byDoopz, June 18, 2011
Auction Factory
Bought an older version - had issues. Newer version, issues just the same.
The amount of extensions I try and test are just as simple to use and fix if there are any problems. Visiting the developers website usually explains the simple fixes in a manner anyone can follow and understand.
This is not the case with The Factory Team. I think in some cases these developers believe everyone speaks foreign languages. Meaning; not every J! site developer is an extension guru and explaining in a "simple" manner is just not possible to either Erik or Alex (or any of them).
For the amount being dished out for this extension (that we had more of a time getting it to function properly) for poor customer service to help rectify the issues, we (myself and 6 others) have came to a clear decision never to renew this extension ever!
If you decide to waste your money and time with this extension, just know what to expect after you read the low reviews herein.
Owner's reply

We tried to help you customizing the product further in order to suit your needs, but especially when you want new complicated features, we simply cannot provide full details. On this custom requests, each developer is requesting to be paid, since further customizations are not part of the extensions support. Although you clearly admit we responded to every support ticket, you still rate us with one star - it's a little bit unfair.

Regarding the support, all reported issues (if confirmed) are always fixed in usually max. 24 hours - fact that you can see in our support ticket system and forum.