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byDoreyMedia, September 22, 2011
Modules Anywhere
I have to say that this is a brilliant plugin. It is so simple, so easy to use and so powerful. This plugin allows you to place a module literally anywhere on the site where you can enter text. You can style it and set access levels... it goes on..

I can't think of a single negative thing to say about any of NoNumber's (Peter van Westen) extensions. I swear he doesn't sleep, he must sit there coding and answering cries for help 24/7. Cant wait for ReReplacer to be updated for 1.7 too ;O)
byDoreyMedia, June 13, 2010
This is an amazing plugin, I nearly have my whole site XHTML 1.0 strict and AAA L3 WCAG accessibility validated in a couple of hours, and I've got a lot of pages too. I would like to marry this plugin and have it's babies.
byDoreyMedia, February 8, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
Excellent just doesn't seem to be a high enough rating. This should be a core plugin, it is invaluable and one of the very first extensions that I install on every site. Top work, many thanks.
byDoreyMedia, February 4, 2009
I have only just discovered eXtplorer having worked on many Joomla sites and am kicking myself for not installing this on every site sooner. One of the most useful components I have yet found and the first one that has moved me to write a review.