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Doug Guerena

byDoug Guerena, April 11, 2013
What? Nothing!
This product could stand some enhancments. I would like to see some statistics/reports around the success of doing nothing. Of course that may change the whole concept of the extension. But my clients always ask for an ROI. I would like to show my clients the benefit of doing nothing. Nothing better than useless statistics for this purpose. As it stands right now I have to pull these statistics out of the air. And the cost of this extension, free, makes it even tougher to quantify the ROI. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Owner's reply

I don't see a direct need for statistics at the moment. I have experimented with stats, but they all seem to return empty.
I would advise you to just make your clients try out the extension themselves. Experience speaks louder than statistics.