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byDraklems, February 20, 2014
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Read the reviews before purchasing this extension and I also encountered an issue after installation, as some others reviewers mentioned. My issue was, two ‘Strict Standard…’ errors were displayed above the header. I emailed support and they responded back quickly with an installation file (had ‘beta’ in name) which I installed but, was still seeing the errors. Support quickly sent me another installation file, which was a smaller modification installation file, and that fixed the errors. My issue was related to my PHP version, and I’m running PHP 5.4. I’m installing the extension on a new site setup, and I did tell support I would go to PHP 5.3 if need be but they said no while providing the files to fix it. Their support also mentioned they were passing the info to the code guys to patch. A+ tech support and I love the extension, there are a lot of configuration options and it’s pretty straight forward. Highly recommended.
byDraklems, December 12, 2011
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I’ve used ALFContact on 4 of my sites and I love it, but I just decided to start using Joomla! 1.7.3 stable (was using Joomla! 1.5.2x)and loaded up the newest ALFContact version 2.0. I had an issue that in the end turned out to be permissions related on my end. I couldn’t get rid of the “Extra:” lines and was receiving the “Need to choose a mail recipient…” error after sending an email.

Their support answered my email within 5 minutes (Alfed you’re the da man!) and helped me for over 2 hours narrow down my problem. He even accepted my back end Joomla! and FTP access invitation to help troubleshoot. I had to get on the phone with Godaddy to work out some permission issues that seemingly weren’t changing, and actually had given up temporarily (to no fault of ALFContact). I was in the process of setting up the standard contact form when Support (Alfred) contacted me again to follow up and he noted that I (not really I) had fixed the problem. There was a delay in the permissions changes I did, so I hadn’t noticed it was working.

I’m donating to ALFContact, not because anyone asked, but when do you ever get free support that’s so thorough and timely? The answer: Not very often.
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Thanks for those kind words!
I can't promise a response time that fast every time ;-)

byDraklems, November 12, 2011
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I can’t say enough about my recent purchase of Joomex’s IBR. I had to contact support due to a minor permission issue on my end, and they responded within 10 minutes telling me how to solve it.

The second issue I had was customizing the CSS of my new IRB module with a custom suffix, that was not Joomex’s problem to fix really, but I asked for help saying that I was having problem with creating the right CSS for that module. I was contacted within 15 minutes by support. To fix the problem the support agent accepted my back-end sign-on info and fixed my CSS concern quickly. Now that was some great customer support!

The module itself looks great, and there are a TON of customizing options. It’s the best $13 I ever spent.
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Thank you for your nice review.We are happy that the issues were fixed ,we were glad to help you out. All the best!