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byDrcobar, October 27, 2014
This is so simple and Peter's support is very strong. I am using the Pro version not the Free one, but I don't think that matters. I couldn't be happier with it. A few lines of code and I have packaged 65 predefined searchs in one three tab panel that fits right into my article and looks sleek and powerful.
byDrcobar, May 27, 2014
Super Backgrounds
This is a great extension for creating background effects in both module positions and on the entire webpage. It is light weight and easy to set up. I used it to set up a background slide show on the Yootheme digit template and it worked like a charm. Mustaq's support was helpful and courteous. I got my answers within an hour of putting in my support ticket. Herdboy is an essential vendor if you need to get "the most" out your Yootheme products.
byDrcobar, April 29, 2014
ZMP Charts
This is a great extension if you have graphical data to present to the visitor. I have used the bar graph, and the donut and it has been superb added some life to dry real estate statistics. I had a small issue in the beginning. Ray responded in under an hour and I had a fix shortly thereafter. Great extension, great developer.
Owner's reply

Many thanks for taking the time to review the extension.

I was more than happy to fix the problems you reported. As I've said again and again... It is active, informed extension users like you who drive developers forward.

Unreported bugs can never be squashed - so many thanks again! :)

byDrcobar, October 22, 2013
Wow, I am blown away by this extension and the service I got from Nonumber. I use a few of Peter's other extensions and have been more than pleased, but I couldn't figure out what rereplacer could do. We traced a major bug to the way a single link was loading erratically in my head tag. Peter showed me a regular expression that covered all the variations of my erratic link and we replaced it with the right link. Problem solved without any ever touching a line of server side code. All this for the non commercial extension and he answered my support request in about an hour. Peter is a treasure.
byDrcobar, January 28, 2013
Related Items Pro for ZOO
To do any serious work in ZOO this is a must have element. It allows you to not only find interrelated content, but to define it as well. You can pull content from other Zoo apps and render it using zoo layouts or QTip. (makes it easy to direct visitors to the right page). The developers are a dream to work with. They responded quickly to an issue that I was having and had a solution for me the same day.
byDrcobar, June 23, 2012
Super Panel PRO
Easy to configure, enough features to fit it to any situation. This panel is great. Mustaq is very responsive and helpful. He listens to feedback and makes the tweaks that make a real difference in user experience. The panel is lightweight and robust!
Owner's reply

I appreciate you taking the time to make a Review, thanks.

byDrcobar, March 26, 2012
Super QR Codes for ZOO
I've been playing with this for several days now and it is superb. I have it in an item view with sh404sef rewriting all my urls. It gave me perfect QR codes the moment we went live with a new URL. My client is thrilled because the QR code gets her customer "right to the page". Easy install
byDrcobar, March 2, 2012
Super Contact for ZOO
Mustaq you are the Man! I have implemented this on two sites now. It works like it's supposed to. People are using it! Holy Cow.. Three new REAL prospects in the first month I had it up. Easy to configure. On my second site I got client comments ten days after Google indexed the site. If you are not poking around Mustaq's website and you are using ZOO... You are missing a some real quality widgets that can take you to a whole new level.
byDrcobar, March 2, 2012
Joom Donation
Worth the price. I implemented this on a new site for a church client. I had a small problem in the configuration of the extension. I posted in the support forum and Tuan was back to me within an hour. Problem solved quickly and easily. Did I mention it was 10 pm when I posted and by 11:30 he had looked at the site, given me an answer and a few other helpful thoughts. Highly recommended. My Client Loves it!
byDrcobar, January 7, 2012
Worked as advertised, nice little addition to anyone's toolbox. Thanks!